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Mã: DFV - IG008
Xuất xứ: India
Phân loại: Number 1
Thông số kỹ thuật


Kashmir White Granite has a grey to white background with dark red specks in it. There are several different quarries of Kashmir White granite and the colour can vary considerably. For Large projects ensure that the blocks are all extracted from the same quarry face for matching purposes.
Kashmir White Granite will have lines and veins. It is very common to use a resin filler in this granite to give a more smooth feel to the surface. Kashmir White granite absorbs liquid readily therefore a good quality sealer should be applied when used as a work surface. Kashmir White Granite - is one of the product that have numerous consumers and interior designers. In addition, this particular granite product is now widely used in different countries, different applications and commercial entities. Your kitchen worktops will now be more productive for the reason that Kashmir White Granite is consistent in terms of features and other compositions. 
It is rather consistent and does not vary as much as other stones. The slab sizes for this stone are only average. They are not too small nor are they very large. The block sizes do vary and as a result so do the slab sizes. This stone is popular in smaller kitchens as the overall light color tends to help smaller rooms feel larger. This stone also is popular in smaller kitchens due to its cost effectiveness. 
It is mainly used for flooring, cladding, kitchen counters and table tops. Kashmir White Granite looks good with a gloss polish however it is also available flamed, river-washed and honed. Available in both slabs and tiles.
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